My name is Megan Collins Tsang.

Or at least... that's what I convinced my friend my name was. The other night I laughed uncontrollably for an hour while I convinced my friend Geoff we had the same middle name. He has a very unique middle name, Collins, which was named in honor of his maternal grandmother (it's her maiden name). I made up an elaborate story off the top of my head. I told him that I was adopted by a caucasian family and Collins was actually my given last name; when I was younger, I married an Asian man whose last name was "Tsang" and changed my legal name from Megan Collins to Megan Collins Tsang. According to my story, when I got divorced I kept Megan Tsang because it made more sense for an Asian girl like myself to have an Asian last name. He knew my mother was from Mississippi and my sisters have white names (Terrysue, Meredith, Hillary & Naomi), so everything seemed semi plausible to him. Also, he knows people who've married and divorced young, so it was also plausible that I could also be married and divorced.

I even took a picture of my ID with a webcam, changed my name and emailed it to him. Here is my picture. :) It definitely looks doctored, but he was convinced!!  I'm laughing out loud now, just thinking of it! muwah ha ha. Here's the conversation we had.

meg: Well, thanks for the Geoff Matthew (*last name) update geoff: Who is Matthew? geoff: I think you missed something. meg: I made up a middle name for you geoff: My middle name is as follows: geoff korb: Collins meg: So is mine! geoff: It's my maternal grandmother's maiden name. geoff: No it isn't. meg: yeah it is geoff: No it isn't. meg: yeah it is geoff: It's exactly "Collins"? meg: yeah geoff: Megan Collins Tsang? meg: yeah geoff: That can't be true. geoff: How is that true? geoff: Where did that come from? geoff: Collins? meg: That's my maiden name meg: I briefly married an asian man meg: and never changed my name when we got divorced meg: it seemed to make more sense than Megan Collins. People would get confused geoff: So, you were born a Collins and not a Tsang? Are you losing your mind? geoff: What are you up to? geoff: You weren't born "Collins". meg: Yeah I was geoff: No you weren't. geoff: I require some proof. It's much more plausible for me. meg: let me show you my ID. geoff: If there is any truth to this it's blowing my mind. geoff: Otherwise... geoff: It's INSANE that you have the same surname as my Maternal Grandmother. geoff: Doesn't that seem kind of goofy? geoff: ...especially since it's an unusual name. geoff: It is that crazy. geoff: Your brother has the same "Tsang", so the story doesn't make sense. geoff: Marriage wouldn't change his name. meg: He's my brother in law geoff: I'm excited, Ms. Megan Collins. geoff: Where did that name come from? meg: From my Dad geoff: And where did he get it from? I mean, is he Asian/ geoff: ? geoff: ...very confused. geoff: Either this is a really crazy IM con or it's a really, really crazy reality. meg: He's not asian. I'm adopted geoff: wow geoff: I just got your email. geoff: So, your name as you grew up was Collins? geoff: And you got married and divorced from a Tsang? meg: yeah geoff: I never knew and I never guessed. geoff: That's very nutty. geoff: I'm also quite oddly fascinated by your Collins story. It blows me away.