Inspiration | My cousin's wedding by Anna Kuperberg

I attended a wedding as a guest, for the first time this year.... I enjoyed sitting down, actually listening to the ceremony, eating slowly and talking to people.  Usually I'm on my feet all day and running around furiously to get the shot.  I sat in my seat, refusing to be "that guest" who gets in the photographer's way or is in all the shots.  I love both sides of weddings... I couldn't say which I loved more.

Flashback to this morning...

I finished an edit for Junshien at about 4am this morning, uploaded the project and fell fast asleep.  Woke up at 9:30am and headed to Milipitas with my mom and sister to pick up my sister's wedding dress.  When we got home, I scarfed down a shrimp cup of noodles and proceeded to ask my mom about my cousin, Mark's, wedding tonight.  I only knew three things about this wedding.  1. It was in San Francisco  2.  We were leaving at 3:30pm  3.  It was being photographed by Anna Kuperberg (woot woot!).  I was lost for words when I discovered it was also at the Bently Reserve, a venue I've always wanted to shoot at.

I squealed all morning to my sisters about how excited I was to see Anna in action.  I pictured in my mind interacting with Anna... You might think a professional talking to a professional; I was thinking more like a crazed, bopper fan asking a Jonas Brother to touch his hand.  I felt oddly nervous to be in her "presence".  (The last time I felt this way was when I saw Sarah Rhoads at WPPI.  I literally ran away from Sarah, nervous because I admire her so much.)

The wedding was beautiful.  My cousin and his wife, Jen, did a beautiful job.  And I wanted to cry during the ceremony, but remembering I was wearing liquid eyeliner, I refrained.  Everything classy, unique and wonderful!  There was pinkberry for dessert.  Muni-styled escort cards. A birdcage veil.  Open bar.  Tasty food.  Wonderful!

Anna Kuperberg is genius.  I have no words... she's just genius!

During our family pictures, in order to get my six (all age 4 and under) nieces and nephews to engage the camera, Anna asked them each their name, put her shoe on her head and asked each one if they thought she looked funny.  Genius.

Drool.  There's nothing more I can say... because I have no words... She's genius!!

(below: pictures of my cousin Mark and his wife, Jen, from their engagement session in Tahoe)

Here's my camera phone picture of the light fixture during the wedding tonight...  Oh tonight was a great night to enjoy being a guest and marvel at the genius who is Anna Kuperberg