My family is increasing!

Today is friday.  I'm swamped with editing and work.  I have endless projects to edit and a photoshoot on Sunday.  I'm thinking of all the things I need to do this weekend.  I'm overloaded and tired... but my sister's getting married!

My sister, Naomi, (the athletic one) will be getting married tomorrow.  She was dating her fiance for a short amount of time and engaged for an even shorter amount of time.  Since I've been traveling so much this year and in the recent months, her wedding has crept up on me.  Today, the night of her rehearsal dinner, it's finally hit me that she's actually getting married!  (By the way, she's also the sister's who's also been unemployed by the construction industry.  And wonderfully, she's just got a job with the city of San Francisco! hurray!) Crazy!!!!

She's getting married!!!!

(the image above is from a trip to Australia. That's Naomi and my brother, Ryan, in the background.)