Inspiration | Heroes by Alec Vanderboom

History fascinates me. If I pick my favorite subject, World War II ranks at the top.  I can't explain my interest in the subject, but I find myself drawn to movies or books dedicated to this war.   Maybe I love to learn about WWII because all the older people I love to talk to and get to know are from that era.  Most of the men had been in the war and most of the women had been in love with a man who was in the war.  When my friend, Gabe, lent me Band of Brothers in college, I sat in my lab, working on my project watching the whole series through in one sitting.  Band of Brothers is a mini-series about the 101st airborne, and it includes a historical interpretation of the actual events of the 101st airborne along with documentary interviews of the men in the 101st.

I've watched the series several times.

And I have been amazed to see these pictures form Alec Vanderboom, photographer genius, of some men of the 101st visiting sites of WWII.  Check out his blog when you get a chance.

All these images are from Alec... not me!