My Heart for Haiti

Anyone remember the earthquake in Port Au Prince, Haiti on January 12, 2010? When natural disasters or personal tragedies occur, I find, even for myself, that the initial concern and desire to help is strong, but over time that heart for people fades as the memory of the disaster fades.  I went to the Dominican Republic and Haiti back in March of 2010.  It was only two months after the earthquake and even then it seemed like people here in the states had forgotten the need in Haiti.

I vividly remember the spiritual and physical needs of the people whom I saw, met and interacted with.  Haiti is a country hungry for the gospel.  There is an opportunity to show God's goodness and remind the people of God's relentless love.  And as I sit here in my comfy bed in my middle class life I realize how easily I can forget the people of Haiti.

I've been on mission trips before.  I've volunteered to help the needy.  I've ministered to those in need.  But never have I been touched so deeply than during my experience in Haiti.  My life changed from a single trip.  My heart continues to ache for Haiti.  There are amazing things to be done, if only I give myself freely for the work of God.

I hope to go back to Haiti February of 2011.  I'll be raising money and support.  Keep an eye out.  Here is the post from Richelle Dante, who I went with on my first trip and will be organizing this upcoming trip in February.

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