Hello, 2011

Been in North Carolina for a while and deeply enjoyed my time there. Just got back to California and remembering all the things I'm thankful for.

1. A wonderful, growing family. (with lots of birthday parties in the upcoming months) 2. The faithfulness of God and his promises. 3. A wonderful, loving boyfriend who lets me shoot at him with airsoft guns, cooks me breakfast, tickles me until I cry, introduces me to tasty milkshakes and a shady movie theater that plays all the movies I want to see... and constantly encourages me. 4. A strong-willed computer who withstood falling on an iron. 5. Heart to hearts with mom.. who can always understand me. 6. Wonderful, delightful friends who love to craft. 7. My father who checks my mail and gets excited for me when I get paid 8. My sisters who like to ping chat (although I don't know what that is) 9. My RPTE buddies who love hanging out 10. ahhh.. there's just so many amazing things to be thankful for.

I miss North Carolina already. Cant wait for the next adventure!

(p.s. I shot this picture with my new Canon Powershot SD1400IS)