thankful thursday 04

I am thankful.... 1. For the past three years I've been living without health insurance and been having the best health that I can recall. (Although I still don't know what I'm allergic to.) I had everything... whooping cough, strep throat, eye/sinus/nasal infection, threw out my shoulder, dislocated my elbow, tore the ligament in my shoulder, the flu...etc. Thank goodness I'm surviving without insurance.

2. There are now women in my Bible study. Hurray! Usually it's five guys and me and somehow the Bible seems to segway into movies or comics or references to man stuff. I've been missing women time in Bible study for a long time!

3. My computer, Stan, who has survived four wonderful years of constant abuse. My hard drives, Igor, little buddy and tiny buddy who have chugged along.

4. My journal that reminds me of my potential when I'm down, of God's love when I'm struggling and wonderful memories when I'm bored.

5. Perspective. It's good to have perspective. When things are good and wonderful, to have perspective about the bigger picture or how people around me are doing or how I got to "good and wonderful". When things are bad, to have perspective about the bigger picture or how people around me are doing or how I've survived many a bad times. :) Plus, like in a drawing, perspective gives you depth.

6. Flat rate boxes with the postal service. Flat rate boxes are FREE!! And I can mail super heavy stuff for cheap!

7. Crazy Bay Area weather. It's super warm, beautiful and sunny here in the Bay Area.... in February! Sorry Global Warming... maybe you're not a bad thing after all (you know, aside from from disturbing the world's ecosystems)

8. I can still fit my clothes from high school. Hurray. Too bad I wore weird clothes in high school. Why did I wear a baby blue baby tee that said "Call me, if you can handle to me"? Why??

9. New tunes... sara bareilles, temper trap, kanye, the naked and famous, little red, bruno mars... etc.

10. Being tricked into watching a romantic comedy. (I secretly loved it). I thought I was going to watch a comedy with a friend and laughing until my stomach cramped. It was even his idea to watch "No Strings Attached". But oh... it's mostly a romantic comedy. So much for watching my pick, The Fighter. Haha.