thankful thursday 18

I got rain but I got shineI might be old but I still got time even when the words don't rhyme I still hear a love song

1342 coffee time

Oh how I'm thankful. I returned from Alt feeling alive.  I cannot describe how refreshing my trip was.  I connected with some amazing, like-minded ladies, caught up with my dear friend and really learned how to appreciate the people in my life.  My heart is overflowing.  I am overjoyed.  For once in a long time I feel like I capable of moving forward.  I feel excited to tackle the life ahead of me.

So here is my Thursday, Jan 30 list of thanks.  I am thankful for… - Ribs. Because who doesn't love ribs. Give me some pork ribs or beef ribs and I'm a happy girl. - My dad. It's taken some time but he and I are developing our own little rhythms. And these rhythms make me happy. From taking walks to going to church together to going to the post office to taking out the garbage. - Hang outs with my sisters. Now that I don't live with any of them (or any women). I miss talking and catching up. It's so fun to see how they've been. And I have to admit I actually do miss them. - Early morning and late night and mid-afternoon talks with my man friend. He perks up my days and keeps me grounded and calls me out when I'm being lame. A good boyfriend all around. He definitely makes me a better person. (Everyone in my life, you can thank him for that. haha.) - Kind hearts. When I attended Alt Summit I was surprised how kind and open everyone was. It encouraged me to be more open and sweet in my behavior. These amazing and talented ladies pretty much made my trip… you should definitely check out their blogs for some dose of awesome. Monique. Holly. Andrea. Bonnie. Laicie. Jeran. (Hello, don't these ladies also have some freakin awesome names?) - My fuji x100s because let's be honest… It's great for my back and my craft. Carrying around my big camera was killing my back, so I wasn't using it aside from work. Now that I have a small camera, I bring it everywhere and am now taking a lot more daily pictures. I love the quality of it, and I love that I'm free to take it anywhere and everywhere. (But… maybe I might trade in my x100s for a xe2??) - Sunny days. I loved the chilly weather of Utah. But I'm thankful to be back in 72 degree weather. - And last but not least, my faith, of course. Without God I am nothing. And because of Him I will carry on.  He is the source of my strength and hope, and I will never run out of things to thank Him for.


The lyrics above are from the song, Everything I'll Ever Need by the cast of Nashville. Oh how I love Nashville (and country music. yay!)

thankful thursday 09

So I'm especially thankful today because I've been postponing this post since Thanksgiving.  I am sooooo thankful for... 1.  Fresh air.  I love fresh air.  I love that I can sit here in the hotel and the balcony door is open.  I love how the air smells here.  It must be the humidity or the elevation or the latitude or longitude or something.  Fresh air is amazing.  Plus, I rarely get asthma attacks in fresh air. :)

2. Books! Who knew you could learn so much through books?!  Dumb, huh?  It took me about 19 years to figure that one out.  I suppose reading is even more enjoyable when I'm reading memoirs and am assured I'm not the only person who's crazy.  Also, reading allows me to live through other people.  Go figure.  The benefits of reading are probably so obvious to most, but still... I love (re)discovering these lovely perks.  (I should mention that in college I realized I loved reading; I actually read all my textbooks for my major.  At the time I didn't read other types of books.  I started reading (normal) books when I was trying to impress my then-boyfriend. haha.  Now I've figured out I can't say no to non-fiction.) huzzah!

3. White v-neck tshirts.  White tshirts are timeless.  I don't care what anyone says.  I wore them in Haiti.  I wore them in college.  I'm wearing one now.  Wear it with shorts. Wear it with a blazer.  Wear it with jeans.  Wear it with a cute skirt, heels, a chunky necklace and a pretty cardi. Tshirts are just awesome.  Plus, my tshirts come in a three-pack.  I love things that come in threes!

4. Silliness. I buy things or read things or talk about things that make me laugh.  I bought a very random silicone fish coin purse for my niece and decided to keep it because I thought it was so funny and cute.  (I did rationalize that she didn't have money to put in it or keys to attach it to and she probably wouldn't like it or the color.  I had to think of something so I wouldn't feel bad...haha)  Anyway, just having sweet, silly things around me make me happy.  I think it's funny that I also have a coin purse that's the head of a Sasquatch.  I think it's funny that my legs are significantly short in relation to my height.  I think it's funny I don't like my foods touching (in some contexts).  I think it's funny that I'm odd/unconventional/weird/loopy. :)

5. Boots.  They're comfortable and keep my calves warm.  Enough said.

6. Knitting.  It keeps my hands warm. :)

7. My computer.  No matter how much frustrated I get with my computer, I really do love it.  It keeps me in touch with my friends/family.  It feeds me.

p.s. (note the silicone coin purse next to the mug)

thankful thursday 04

I am thankful.... 1. For the past three years I've been living without health insurance and been having the best health that I can recall. (Although I still don't know what I'm allergic to.) I had everything... whooping cough, strep throat, eye/sinus/nasal infection, threw out my shoulder, dislocated my elbow, tore the ligament in my shoulder, the flu...etc. Thank goodness I'm surviving without insurance.

2. There are now women in my Bible study. Hurray! Usually it's five guys and me and somehow the Bible seems to segway into movies or comics or references to man stuff. I've been missing women time in Bible study for a long time!

3. My computer, Stan, who has survived four wonderful years of constant abuse. My hard drives, Igor, little buddy and tiny buddy who have chugged along.

4. My journal that reminds me of my potential when I'm down, of God's love when I'm struggling and wonderful memories when I'm bored.

5. Perspective. It's good to have perspective. When things are good and wonderful, to have perspective about the bigger picture or how people around me are doing or how I got to "good and wonderful". When things are bad, to have perspective about the bigger picture or how people around me are doing or how I've survived many a bad times. :) Plus, like in a drawing, perspective gives you depth.

6. Flat rate boxes with the postal service. Flat rate boxes are FREE!! And I can mail super heavy stuff for cheap!

7. Crazy Bay Area weather. It's super warm, beautiful and sunny here in the Bay Area.... in February! Sorry Global Warming... maybe you're not a bad thing after all (you know, aside from from disturbing the world's ecosystems)

8. I can still fit my clothes from high school. Hurray. Too bad I wore weird clothes in high school. Why did I wear a baby blue baby tee that said "Call me, if you can handle to me"? Why??

9. New tunes... sara bareilles, temper trap, kanye, the naked and famous, little red, bruno mars... etc.

10. Being tricked into watching a romantic comedy. (I secretly loved it). I thought I was going to watch a comedy with a friend and laughing until my stomach cramped. It was even his idea to watch "No Strings Attached". But oh... it's mostly a romantic comedy. So much for watching my pick, The Fighter. Haha.

thankful thursday 03

I haven't done one of these in a long time, but nowadays I have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for...

...discovering a different perspective. Like lying in closet, looking up and somehow finding beauty in the underside of a bunch of dress shirts. It's so easy to lose sight of the beauty of life. That's why I love little moments so dearly. They remind me to appreciate life and live it so much more fully additions to my family and the anticipation of more to come in the future. Two new family members in less than a week really makes the growth of my family a reality. Before I know it, there will be another nephew and maybe more nephews/nieces and additions. I love it. It's so exciting!

...editing which somehow soothes my soul and brings a smile to my face. I never thought that I could love a job that wasn't architecture, but the more I edit and shoot, the more I realize I love it. I love editing. God's really given me the gift of this job. I feel the challenge of achieving a final product in these pictures that I used only feel when I problem-solved in architecture.

...public transportation which allows me to sleep, relax and reflect guilt free. Working for myself, I constantly feel the pressure of work. I know that if I don't work I don't make money, so I try to work as much as possible. When I'm at home and not working, I feel guilty for not taking advantage of my time. When I'm on public transportation and know I can't work on my computer, I feel the comfort of just relaxing and enjoying the sights.

...witnessing the birth of my niece. I've always loved the idea of being pregnant but feared labor. But seeing my niece born was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. It makes the idea of myself giving birth that much less scary and so much more amazing. Birth is truly a miracle. I don't think I can ever look at babies the same again.

...winter and "ugly" weather. I love wearing coats and now I can without people asking me, "Meg, aren't you hot???" (I'm usually cold, but still, at least now I have a visible reason to wear a coat even though I still am wearing flip flops)

...the squeal of my nephew. It is the most joyful noise there is. I love to torment him by blowing raspberries on his tummy.

...5am. My most favorite time of day is just before the break of dawn. It's that moment when the world's silence slowly breaks free, and in the rising of the sun and changing of the smell of the air, you can tell the rest of world is awaking. I love the smell of the morning.

...unexpected surprises. God works in wonderful, mysterious ways. And I am so especially thankful for the woman He's challenging me to be.

...october 22, 2002. Eight years ago my life change in ways I could never imagine. Everything changed in a single moment. The initial aftermath of my experience was completely negative. I couldn’t find happiness no matter what I tried. I couldn’t trust anyone. For days my crying persisted. I felt ashamed, abandoned, lost, scared, hopeless.. But somehow, today, I am thankful for the experience. Not because of anything I did, but because of God. Only by His grace, I survived it. If it were not for God I may have never known true love the way I do now. I may have never been able to help others with similar experiences. I may have never had the realization that everyone is struggling, and we all need prayer, encouragement and support. I may have never realized that God can conquer all things. I may have never gained the strength I have now. My life would have been completely different. I would be completely different. And now, today I can honestly say I am a better person in spite of this negative experience. Through God's goodness I've found peace and meaning in my experience. And I am wholly experiencing the fulfillment of the God's promises from that day.

I couldn't be more happy.

I'm anxious for Thanksgiving...

...but it's still September, so I'll list what I'm thankful for as I wait for the holiday to come. I am thankful for.... - visits from New Yorkers - Oktober! - spending twenty minutes chatting with a group of boisterous older ladies (from out of town) on the bus - meeting a lost little old asian lady on Main and Market - finding the most delicious beef & horseradish potato skins. - having projects to work on - finish projects I'm working on - pregnant ladies - and some other stuff!

And here is a random picture of a bunch of old doors for you!