1:52 | Introduction

After I went on the Raddest Photo Trip Ever with Bobby Earle, some followers of his became my facebook friends, one of which was Jennifer Lebron of DJENN Photographers. She and her husband are young, full of life and best of all, living in Italy while DJ serves in the military. As I started reading Jenn's personal blog, I quickly discovered her avid love for God.   Between the eloquence in her writing, that perpetual pursuit of Christ and some awesome graphics, I quickly became a fan. I can't say what possessed me exactly to first contact her, maybe my revived thirst to make the most of life or reading the Happiness Project or maybe just a desire to make new connections. From what little I knew about her, I was certain we'd be good friends. Anyway, I sent her a short note, not expecting a reply. When she did, I had a "lightbulb moment".

I wanted to do a diptych project like A Year of Mornings or Ketti Photography but was having a hard time finding a partner who was both willing/dedicated and a good distance away. I enjoyed the idea of communication through pictures. Who better to do this project with than Jenn, a photographer and a new friend that I wanted to get to know. Perfect!

Our first week was "Introduction"! So we took some self-portraits.

Stayed tuned while we go through our weeks together!

(Thanks to Ketti for the inspiration to do our project!)