Behind and in Front of the Camera.

For our 52 week project, I did a self-portrait for our first topic, "introduction". I had an idea of what I wanted the picture to look, but getting the shot was a little difficult. I wanted to shoot with a 50mm, but afraid my arms would be too short to shoot, I set up the camera on a chair. I set the camera on self-timer and set it on manual focus (because when you use the self-timer and auto-focus the focus just doesn't focus well).

So this is what I got, manual focus, f1.8 and self-timer... The first picture is the one I used for the 52 week project because I felt like it was most like me. (you can see that some are out of focus as I tried to figure out the right distance to be in the camera's focus)

This was really great practice to learn more about my camera, as well as understanding what my clients experience in front of the camera.