Always, Sometimes, Never

I always - want to learn/experience new things - carry a camera with me - love road trips - have loved shrimp - am colder than everyone else - am tired - love to travel - have been ticklish - have the same shower routine: wash hair, then face, then body, then brush teeth - have a story about something - prefer spending one on one time with friends

I sometimes - wake up early and love it - forget what day or month it is - remember the most random things - don't like my foods touching - pretend I live in the city I'm visiting - laugh so hard I give myself an asthma attack - regret my decisions - am a perfectionist - feel anxious about social activities - wonder what it will be like when I have a baby. - find it difficult to adjust to change

I never - drink coffee - like to use "I" incorrectly in a conjunction - say no to a madeline - get homesick - wear socks to sleep - wish to be younger, just to have more time - want to take anything for granted - say I'm sure unless I'm sure