Dubai | Let's go to the mall.

Day 3. So this was the day that we went to Barracuda and Emaar Square.  Before our refreshments at the Address Hotel, we walked through Dubai Mall.  It's massive.  When I returned to California everyone asked me about how ornate and extravagant Dubai was, and it really wasn't too much in my opinion, but I'd say their malls are.  Mall of the Emirates is probably the pinnacle of that over-the-top the locals strive for, but that's for another post.  In general these malls in Dubai were a sight just in and of themselves, every store you could imagine, a labyrinth of stairs, walkways and atriums and features like huge screens, fountains and an aquarium.

Walking around, local women carried shopping bags from expensive clothing stores, a stark contrast to their nearly all black coverings.  A burqua or abaya (I couldn't figure out what to call it) covered most of their body while the hijab covered their head.  I wondered how often these women could wear their expensive clothes or even if they were wearing them under their coverings.  Fascinating.

I thought about this video when I was walking around. [youtube=]