Vancouver | An ordinary day.

The weather is quite beautiful here. It's very sunny but nearly below freezing. Sometimes I feel like my face is going to freeze off. I'm hoping it will snow soon as rain is in the forecast for the weekend. The other day I ate a very yummy beef stew at an Irish gastropub. I was the only woman in the whole restaurant. At first I thought it was a men's club or something, but the waiter assured me women were allowed. At another restaurant, I also ate half a pound of shrimp cocktail for $6. It was delicious. I think I might eat it again. :) I eat at several restaurants through the days so I can try a lot of things/restaurants for cheap. I also had a samosa, tofu soup and licorice that day.

Today was crab day. Crab cake eggs benedict for breakfast. A dungeonous crab for late lunch. yum.