thankful thursday 09

So I'm especially thankful today because I've been postponing this post since Thanksgiving.  I am sooooo thankful for... 1.  Fresh air.  I love fresh air.  I love that I can sit here in the hotel and the balcony door is open.  I love how the air smells here.  It must be the humidity or the elevation or the latitude or longitude or something.  Fresh air is amazing.  Plus, I rarely get asthma attacks in fresh air. :)

2. Books! Who knew you could learn so much through books?!  Dumb, huh?  It took me about 19 years to figure that one out.  I suppose reading is even more enjoyable when I'm reading memoirs and am assured I'm not the only person who's crazy.  Also, reading allows me to live through other people.  Go figure.  The benefits of reading are probably so obvious to most, but still... I love (re)discovering these lovely perks.  (I should mention that in college I realized I loved reading; I actually read all my textbooks for my major.  At the time I didn't read other types of books.  I started reading (normal) books when I was trying to impress my then-boyfriend. haha.  Now I've figured out I can't say no to non-fiction.) huzzah!

3. White v-neck tshirts.  White tshirts are timeless.  I don't care what anyone says.  I wore them in Haiti.  I wore them in college.  I'm wearing one now.  Wear it with shorts. Wear it with a blazer.  Wear it with jeans.  Wear it with a cute skirt, heels, a chunky necklace and a pretty cardi. Tshirts are just awesome.  Plus, my tshirts come in a three-pack.  I love things that come in threes!

4. Silliness. I buy things or read things or talk about things that make me laugh.  I bought a very random silicone fish coin purse for my niece and decided to keep it because I thought it was so funny and cute.  (I did rationalize that she didn't have money to put in it or keys to attach it to and she probably wouldn't like it or the color.  I had to think of something so I wouldn't feel bad...haha)  Anyway, just having sweet, silly things around me make me happy.  I think it's funny that I also have a coin purse that's the head of a Sasquatch.  I think it's funny that my legs are significantly short in relation to my height.  I think it's funny I don't like my foods touching (in some contexts).  I think it's funny that I'm odd/unconventional/weird/loopy. :)

5. Boots.  They're comfortable and keep my calves warm.  Enough said.

6. Knitting.  It keeps my hands warm. :)

7. My computer.  No matter how much frustrated I get with my computer, I really do love it.  It keeps me in touch with my friends/family.  It feeds me.

p.s. (note the silicone coin purse next to the mug)