12 x 12 | almost there.


Although I finished only seven items before the new year, I'm glad to say I will finish it all eventually.  I decided to stay with the existing branding I have and realized it would be near impossible to reconnect with my old roommates (I tried without avail).  So I crossed both off and am determined to attack the last item on my list, a visit Fort Point.  Because it's only open three days a week, I had a problem squeezing that one in.  Even though I didn't finish my list by the start of 2012, I'm glad I'll finish eventually.  I love finishing a list! (Below are pictures of my packages!)

My list1. Read 5 books 1/25/12 2. Sort/donate my clothes 12/24/11 3. Rebrand all my websites and marketing materials4. Send out packages to friends 12/21/11 5. Have zero emails in my inbox 12/28/11 6. Make a new friend 11/17/11 7. Knit more scarves 12/15/11 8. Teach someone something 11/6/11 9. Sacrifice something for someone 1/11/12 10. Reconnect with my old roommates11. Write a letter 12/13/11 12. Go to Fort Point