spill the sriracha sauce.


Some of the most random things about about me....

The very particular ones... - I can't sleep soundly if my bed is not oriented in a specific position in a room.  More complexly, I can't sleep if the person I'm sharing a bed with is sleeping on the wrong side of me. It makes me feel uneasy and restless.  I also kick in my dreams. Which means when I travel with my sisters I sleep by myself. :) - I sit in the same seat on bart 95% of the time.  If I can't I prefer to stand until "my seat" is free. I also sit in seat 10F on most flights when I travel.  For small planes, I sit in 4D. :) - I only use pilot easytouch fine tip pens. - As I go through journals, I use the same, small staedler book every time. - I have a morning routine that requires a specific sequence of actions or else I forget what I'm doing.

The bit unordinary/unknown facts. - I don't really like chocolate.  I don't really like pastries either.  Or sweet breakfast items (with the exception of cereal). - I pack myself snacks and a bottle of water when I go out so I don't have to spend money on food. - I was born with six fingers on my right hand (jk) - I've worn the purple glass ring on my right hand for 5 years. I bought it in Venice and have never taken it off for more than a couple hours. The ring on my left hand was made by Liz Oppenheim. I've also never taken it off since I purchased it. Also, that purchase got me a paying client. - When I had long hair, I didn't like wearing black tops unless my hair was up. (I thought there was just too much black on me.) - I keep all my plane tickets and all my subway tickets from all my travels. - I'm writing a book... one that no one will ever see. - I secretly hope to marry a career military man. - I like lists - I can be an incredibly light sleeper. - I love to send packages and snail mail. - I always forget my age. - I write myself letters in a private blog. - At a time when I was going on a bunch of blind dates, I couldn't keep track of which outfits I was wearing with which guy.  So I found a solution.  I wore the same outfit on all my first dates, another on the second dates and another on the third. That was the only solution I could figure out without wearing the same outfit on the first and second dates with the same guy. - I smile and talk a lot when I'm nervous. - I try to collect $5 bills from every country I visit.