Phoenix | A's vs. Brewers | I love baseball, so I went to spring training.

Male friend: Why are you going to PhoenixMe: for spring training Male friend: Are you working or something? Me: No. I just think it's fun. I love baseball. Male friend: Are you going with a bunch of guys? Me: No. I'm going with my sisters. Male friend: Your sisters?? Me: Yeah. They love baseball, too. Me: And they're the few people I know who I can go to games with and not have to explain anything to them. Male friend: That's not very ladylike. Me: I suppose not. Me: what can I say? We've grown up going to baseball games.

Ever since I can remember, my dad took my family to baseball games.  He played varsity when he was in high school and passed down his love for the game to me and my siblings.  A couple weeks ago, my sister and I were talking about how we always wanted to go to spring training and watch the A's play.  Since March is our birthday month, we decided it would be a fun trip.  So today on that sister's birthday, she, our other sister and I headed to the Brewer's stadium to watch the A's.

We had amazing seats, two rows back behind home plate.  The A's beat the Brewers, who I think only got one hit for the entire game.  I just love baseball.  On a side note, something about being with my sisters made me realize how much I talked to strangers.  I talked to two A's players (who I have no idea who they were except that one of them was very attractive), a handful of fans and a scout for the Brewers.  It was a good time all around.  Oh, and I love singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".