A Birth Story | Audrey


Audrey marked 2012 as my best Valentine's Day ever.

On February 14 I received an email from Jasmin at 9am telling me Audrey would be on her way soon.  Around 4pm I received the call that it was time!  When I got to the hospital, I found Jasmin and her family sitting peacefully in the room watching Tangled.  They had been at the hospital since that 9am email, but little Audrey wasn't ready to come yet.  It's incredible to see expecting moms so calm before they go into labor.  It's almost like the calm before the storm.  Around the same time Rapunzel reunited with her parents in Tangled, Jasmin started having some intense contractions.  It was time to push!

My heart was racing when Audrey finally came out.  She looked just like her older sister.  Seeing Jasmin hold Audrey just warmed my heart.  This is what Valentine's Day is really about... real, unwavering love.