Be Open.


Be open, a lesson I'm often reminded of.

"Faith is a state of openness or trust." -Alan Watts

I like control. I like five year and ten year plans.  I like knowing what I'm doing every day down to the half hour.  You know that boy scout motto, "Always be prepared"?  I think it's genius.  I'm a planner.  As someone who went to school for architecture, got laid off and is now an photographer, you can imagine I don't have much control over my life.  And if you are inferring that it drives me bonkers that I can't control my life, you're correct.

I am definitely blessed and love my life, but it takes serious effort on my part to relinquish control.  Letting go is definitely a step of faith and something I have to consciously do.  I know first hand how trusting God with my life opens me up to so many opportunities.  But that doesn't make it any easier.  So I really haven't written out my 2012 resolutions, but one of them is to be open.  Be open in work. in relationships. in love. in life.