Atlanta Portrait Photography | Amy and Aaron

I met Amy and Aaron of Best Day Ever at the Feet First + Blogshop workshop I attended in Atlanta.  Google maps had directed them to some dive bar instead of the goat farm we were meeting at, but I remember seeing them walk in late completely in good spirits.  As the workshop progressed I found the both of them wonderful to talk to.  I enjoyed hearing their stories of their kids, a thanksgiving pie and falling in love at art school.  At this workshop I was completely and constantly surrounded by brilliant artists.  We truly had a great group of talented people. Since the workshop, I've been stalking following Amy's personal photo project With Little Sound and Amy and Aaron's professional work, Best Day Ever and Let's Get Together.  I'm always amazed to see the pictures Amy posts on With Little Sound.  There's so much emotion that comes through in her pictures.  I love them!  Plus, how a woman can balance running a business and being a momma to two little ones always boggles my mind.

And recently Amy was featured on ABC News online for her work as a photographer despite being born.  I had no idea!  One day I started to see a bunch of my friends post this link on their facebook page about "Amy Hildebrand, Uses Camera for Eyes " and I was like "Wha!! I know that girl!"  I read through her story and was seriously in awe of Amy.  I already admired her work, but the article gave her so much street cred.  haha.  jk.  She's awesome. Follow her blog.  (Aaron's awesome too... I like to stalk follow their home renovations.)