Atlanta Portrait Photography | Amy and Aaron

I met Amy and Aaron of Best Day Ever at the Feet First + Blogshop workshop I attended in Atlanta.  Google maps had directed them to some dive bar instead of the goat farm we were meeting at, but I remember seeing them walk in late completely in good spirits.  As the workshop progressed I found the both of them wonderful to talk to.  I enjoyed hearing their stories of their kids, a thanksgiving pie and falling in love at art school.  At this workshop I was completely and constantly surrounded by brilliant artists.  We truly had a great group of talented people. Since the workshop, I've been stalking following Amy's personal photo project With Little Sound and Amy and Aaron's professional work, Best Day Ever and Let's Get Together.  I'm always amazed to see the pictures Amy posts on With Little Sound.  There's so much emotion that comes through in her pictures.  I love them!  Plus, how a woman can balance running a business and being a momma to two little ones always boggles my mind.

And recently Amy was featured on ABC News online for her work as a photographer despite being born.  I had no idea!  One day I started to see a bunch of my friends post this link on their facebook page about "Amy Hildebrand, Uses Camera for Eyes " and I was like "Wha!! I know that girl!"  I read through her story and was seriously in awe of Amy.  I already admired her work, but the article gave her so much street cred.  haha.  jk.  She's awesome. Follow her blog.  (Aaron's awesome too... I like to stalk follow their home renovations.)

12 x 12 | Make a new friend.

imageThis item on my Twelve by 2012 list seemed to be the most difficult, as I have a hard time making friends.  But I'm pretty sure I made a ton of new friends last week when I attended the Feet First + Blogshop workshop in Atlanta at the wonderful Goat Farm Art Center.  There were about 26ish people at the workshop, and everyone was so kind and friendly it made it very easy to make new friends. :) I had so much fun, and everyone meshed so well together.  Can't you tell by our lovely pictures? :)901friends1 My list 1. Read 5 books 2. Sort/donate my clothes 3. Rebrand all my websites and marketing materials 4. Send out packages to friends 5. Have zero emails in my inbox 6. Make a new friend 11/17/11 7. Knit more scarves 8. Teach someone something 11/6/11 9. Sacrifice something for someone 10. Reconnect with my old roommates 11. Write a letter 12. Go to Fort Point


Tonight has finally come. In six hours I'm off to the airport. I'll be on a plane back home to San Francisco with a layover in Denver. The weekend was a perfect balance of activities and relaxation. My last day in Atlanta was wonderful. Photo shoots, aquariums, CNN, shopping and tapas. I'm sad to leave, but I can't wait to pick up where I left off back home! Back to the daily grind.

p.s. When people mumble, "tapas bar" sounds like "topless bar". just saying....


Roller Derby Rumble...

After watching Whip It, I was so excited when my friend Erika told me she'd be buying us tickets to see a roller derby bout between two local teams.  It wasn't exactly like the movie, but the roller derby was thrilling, nonetheless.  A little girl who was a daughter of one of the rollergirls explained the whole roller derby thing to me.  She was so excited about everything, it make the experience that much more thrilling.

p.s. here's Erika! Isn't she gorgeous? For all you who don't know... I met her when I went to Thailand and Cambodia on the Raddest Photo Trip Ever led by Bobby Earle. Bobby assigned us together to be roommates, and we were a perfect fit. I found our room a little haven from the heat and the exhaustion of traveling for three weeks.  We were a good combo... I credit it to the youngest child + oldest child syndrome... without fail she woke me up every morning and left the light on for me if I was getting back late.    And even though I kid that we barely know each other... hanging out with her this weekend feels like I'm spending time with an old friend!  woohoo.