Palm Springs | Back to my groove.

Strangely, I haven't flown since early April. So this trip to Palm Springs was both a little foreign and a little familiar. Like normal, I chose to sleep instead of packing, so the morning of my flight I packed like a mad woman, filling my suitcase with random outfits and doodads.  I'd be shooting in Palm Springs as well as shooting two weddings in Napa when I returned, so I had to remember all that stuff as well. When I arrived at the airport I felt like I had returned home.  I love airports.  I checked in like normal and fell into my muscle-memory of traveling.  I arrived just in time to cut ahead of everyone in line at the gate to board the plane.  (I got caught up instagramming and forgot to board during my seating group. whoops.)  The flight was very short and pleasant.  With the merger of United and Continental, the plane I was on was brand new with outlets, so I got to work on my editing.  YAY.  In between edits I listened to my seatmates' stories of deep sea fishing and harpooning and life in hawaii.  Very exciting stuff, you know.

I should mention, though, when we taxi'd for our take off, we stopped short of the landing runway.  So we saw several planes on their paths of descent which appeared, from my perspective, to be headed right towards us.  Scary barry, I know!

Anyway, I love flying during sunrise and sunset. You get the most spectacular views.  And for some reason, I'm always sitting on the side (always the right side of the plane) with the good view. woot.