Palm Springs | laugh out loud


We reunited at the airport, like any good story starts. I spent the night at my girlfriend's place and she dropped me off so that I could embark on my Palm Springs trip with Kim and Chantel. Just as I pulled out my phone, I looked up to find Kim at baggage claim. We caught up on her most recent trip and my most recent untrips. Chantel came to pick us both up and the fun started. My face and stomach were sore all day from the laughter. It was amazing.

Originally, a whole group of us were going to vacation/shoot/rest in Palm Springs. Turns out only three of us could make it and later Tiffany would meet up for a day. I was bummed but understand that things don't always work out how you plan.  Annalisa, who was supposed to go on the trip with us, dropped me off at the airport to go to Palm Springs.  And I could see the tinge of sadness in her eyes that she couldn't come.  Immediately I looked up flights to try and convince her to come on our trip.  It seemed like it was too late... until I met up with Kim the following day (this day) and we started figuring out flights that Annalisa could book to fly directly into Palm Springs (Kim and I flew into Orange County).  As Chantel, Kim and I drove to Palm Springs we received a disappointing text from Annalisa telling us, regretfully, that she couldn't come and that we should have fun.  But strangely, immediately after receiving the text, Kim got a phone call from Annalisa.  She made a deal with her husband, that if she returned her blender she could come.  YAY.  (I'm not telling this story really well, but it was VERY exciting.) She booked a last minute flight to fly into Palm Springs that night!!!!!
At that moment I just couldn't have been happier.  I knew having her company would totally amp up the quality of our trip, and I was soooo excited to have her.  I love her. Also, at that moment I realized we could convince her to do anything. hahah.

Once the three of us got to Palm Springs we just relaxed and talked for hours in the condo.  Our talks were the best part of this trip, second was all the photo shoots we had. Oh and I should mention it took about forever to find the condo. It was hilarious.  Chantel couldn't remember the address to her aunt and uncle's condo, and neither could her relatives (who she texted), but she figured it out like the trooper she is.  When Annalisa finally arrived at 11 that night, I felt like my heart was jumping out of my body.  I can't even describe how excited I was to see her and that she changed her mind and met us out there.  My heart was full.

Things you should note about the pictures above. :) - In the Marilyn Monroe picture, that man was totally creeping on her. I was wondering how long he could look at it her. It was odd. - Yes, Annalisa is holding a knife. haha. (She was using it as a microphone.) - We had a lot of fun grocery shopping - Those martinis were deliciously bubbly and smoky. - Marilyn is wearing granny panties. lol.