Bethesda Engagement Photographer | Fletcher's Cove | Ica & Tim


Ica & Tim were delightful to photograph.  Ica, being the fabulous photographer she is, found this gorgeous spot.  I seriously didn't want to leave or stop shooting them.  There's about a million pictures here, but I just couldn't narrow it down.

Funny story. Before I ever met Ica I felt like she was a friend. For years I admired her work and followed her blog. I even entered a contest on her blog and won a lovely headband and poster.  The blogging world is kind of funny like that.  It's actually possible to really develop friendships.  She's an amazing photographer; I've always admired her eye and how well she captures emotion.  And I must confess I've even considered signing up for her mentoring sessions!  (And I should note that when you have a mentor session with her she also bakes you cupcakes.  How sweet is that.)
It happened that I booked a wedding out in DC area where she lives, so when I heard she was engaged (yay!) I contacted her about an engagement session.  When we got to talking she asked if she could second shoot for that wedding.  (I was stunned because here I was admiring her and she  wanted to second shoot for me???! Crazy.)  I already had a second shooter, but he eventually backed out.  So on one very busy day, I shot Ica and Tim's engagement session in the morning, and Ica second shot for me that afternoon. :)

My favorite part of photography is being a witness to love.   The day I photographed Ica & Tim was the very first day I had met either of them.  But I felt like I was in the company of old friends.  That's what I imagine Ica & Tim do with everyone.  They're such a relaxed couple.  It's hard not to see how much they not only love each other but how much they care for each other.

Later that day, when Ica & I were alone, she told me a bit about her relationship with Tim. The highs, the lows. The struggles, the blessings. With how the engagement session work out, Ica mentioned that she saw it as a sign. And it occurred to me how sometimes I just think I'm doing my own thing like this engagement session. But really, God used me to bless this couple. I know that can come off as pompous, but I say it as merely you never know how great an impact you can have on someone's life, until you think of yourself as a tool in God's overall plan.