My adventure.


It's been four years.

Recently I've been thinking about my life more than usual. I've changed tremendously in the past four years. I wonder what college and high school and my adolescence would have been like had I broken away from my selfish mindset and known God more.  It's no wonder that God used a break up and a lay off to open my eyes.  I'm honestly excited to be the person I'm aiming to be.  That person values my relationship with God and is interested in becoming a positive influence in the world.  I can't say that God and other people were a priority in the past.  It's sad that I wasted so much time, but I'm here now to make up for lost time.

While trying to get closer to God I've been doing some reading/research/interacting.  Well, I had an epiphany.  If I sincerely trust God, the future doesn't matter.  I just have to keep my focus on him, and everything's going to be ok.  I think God wants each of us to live an adventurous life, making every day count.  I think that's why he cares for our futures, so we don't bother ourselves with the worries of tomorrow.  (Now I understand I can't be flippant with life or make unwise decisions.. that's not what I'm getting at.)  I know that God wants us to enjoy everyday he's given us.  I know that God wants me to know true joy.  I know God always carries me through the hard times.  God wants us to live for each day.

That concept gets more real to me whenever I look back on losing my job.  It's been four years of traveling and photography and small-business-owning/running.  I've survived!  And only because God carried me through.  I see how God wanted me to enjoy and take advantage of the life he gave me.  I see the opportunities he offered me, and all I had to do was receive them.  I think that's the kind of awesome thing about God. He just gives, gives, gives.  All I have to do is receive it.

So what adventure has God given you?