blogshop | hello, video!

Freak of nature! Did you know you could edit videos with Photoshop CS6?  I know, pretty freaking amazing. 

A couple weeks ago  I took the video Blogshop class with Brie and Angela.  If you remember, a year ago I went to the Feet First + Blogshop workshop in Atlanta where Our Labor of Love, Max Wanger and the ladies of Blogshop teamed up to teach us some photography and editing.  That workshop literally changed my life.  It reworked how I photograph people and made me incredibly more efficient in photoshop.  At that time I was pretty proficient with my camera and photoshop, but still I learned loads of stuff.  I'd strongly recommend Feet First or Blogshop to anyone.  It's good for both beginners and pros.

So when I saw that there would be a new Blogshop for video, I jumped on the chance to attend the San Francisco workshop.  Brie and Angela really know their stuff, so they didn't disappoint when it came to video.  I have zero background in video.  I don't even like iMovie because even that seems a little daunting.  For me the class gave me a really good handle on the basics of capturing video and how to edit it.  The fundamentals they taught have so much potential for awesome things for when I get better in video.

I enjoyed learning different techniques of capturing video.  And how they taught us to video little details and segments that add up to a big picture.  When I was in New York I practiced this with my iphone camera.  I can't wait to piece it all together to make a little video.

For the video above I focused more on the editing techniques that I learned.  The clips were parts of an engagement session I shot in New York, but I didn't have the time to practice my new techniques.  In photoshop I corrected the exposure of a few of the clips and added an overlay to others.  I really like adding text to video, so I was glad to learn I could also do this in photoshop.  In iMovie the features are kind of cheesy so I appreciate the range of photoshop's capabilities.

So to encourage all of us attendees to put our new skills into action, Blogshop is having a contest! YAY!  And the winner gets photoshop!  I hope I win!  crossing my fingers.