san francisco video blogshop.

Balloons make me happy.

These are a few images from the workshop I went to a couple months back.  The San Francisco Video Blogshop was held over the course of two days, the first day learning different techniques of filming and the second day of editing with photoshop.  That first night we focused on how to video, so we were given some balloons to experiment with.  I really enjoyed it. a lot.  :D Colorful balloons are just so happy!  I took this workshop so that I could start filming my travels and whatnot, and I knew that my videos were pretty blah.  When Arian explained that you basically combine different shots and techniques to explain the story, I had a serious "Ah ha!" moment.  It all became so clear.  Like the previous blogshop I attended, I learned a lot of great skills.  Bri and Angela were also great teachers.  They walked us through the whole process and gave us lots of tips and shortcuts.  Considering I knew absolutely nothing about filming or editing, it's pretty amazing I came out of it able to make a video of my own.  This video is the product of that workshop, and as a result, I ended up winning Photoshop CS6!

I cannot repeat how invaluable blogshop has been to my career.  For anyone who doesn't know blogshop is an amazing workshop for anyone with a blog, hands down.  (Video blogshop focuses on video, and the "regular" blogshop focuses on design and photos.) When I went to their feet first + blogshop workshop in Atlanta, it literally changed my life.  I drastically improved on so many skills involving my business, my photography, my blog, my editing....etc.

Anyone who can should attend a class, whatever your skill level is.  It's the best money I've invested in a workshop.  And I came out of it with a lot of friends as well.  Really amazing people are just waiting to be met at blogshops. :)

Enroll in a class now!

(and just fyi. I'm not receiving anything by promoting these workshops.  I just really think blogshop is that awesome.)