So her name isn't really norbert. Is there anyone who'd really name their little girl, Norbert?  I'm not sure why I started calling my niece, Norah, Norbert. Maybe I heard my brother or sister-in-law call her that, but it just stuck. I like that I call her Norbert.  I like that she responds to Norbert.  I like that Norbert reminds me of sherbet.  I think Norbert suits her. Every time I see her she's doing her own thing.  She throws caution to the wind.  She knows what she likes and she runs with it.  (My sister-in-law told me she decided to wear that purse.  Adorable, no?)  And seeing her and all my other little nephews and nieces reminds me to throw caution to the wind.. to live my life--to enjoy my life.

Why do we lose that when we grow up?  I'm not sure, but children must be God's reminder to me to live life ardently.  <3