the day I (really, really) missed my flight.

I just finished the most stressful part of the most stressful day I've had in a long time.  But let's start from the beginning....

Yesterday (Tuesday) I arrived home in California from New York.  The previous night (Monday) I had only one hour of sleep, but I had to hustle because today (Wednesday) I was leaving for Cambodia.  I needed to unpack my winter clothes from New York and repack summer clothes for Cambodia in addition to finishing as much work and tying up as many loose ends as possible (since I hadn't been in California for over two weeks).

I woke up early this morning (slightly) well-rested but feeling sick.  So I took a nyquil to help my cold and let me sleep on the plane.  But I got on the road and did an errand which made me race the clock to the airport.  I make it to the airport just 2 hours before my flight leaves and come to find out I need 4 months on my passport to fly to Cambodia (I only have 3 months left).  I'm certain I checked before booking the tickets so I ask that they call the Cambodian consulate just in case.  Sure enough it's actually 6 months not 4 months.  I'm screwed.  Both my girlfriend and I had checked and doubled check and there was no restriction of any kind.  nuts.  nuts.  I'm almost always prepared so this sucks for my ego.  They're not going to let me get on my flight.

I race to the passport agency (thankfully there's one in San Francisco).  I get on the elevator, go through security and enter the passport agency.  And everyone person I pass stares at me with empathetic pity as I walk pass each of them with my luggage.  The ladies at the counter are extremely sympathetic and friendly.  ptl.  And I get them to renew my passport even though they only expedite passports for people with appointments.  yay.

Then I get the airline people to rebook my tickets for the next flight out tomorrow (thursday) but then they say cant. then they say then can.  Then they say they can't.  But they refund my ticket and I buy a new one.  whew.

So I'm still headed to Cambodia, but tomorrow. thank goodness. Thank God, literally.