sing your praises.

I am here in Singapore. And to my estimates I've been traveling for 24 hours, which means I'm two thirds of my way to Cambodia. I'm stuck here on a layover for about thirteen hours. And while I considered venturing out into Singapore, the thick humidity and my heavy pack convinced me to relax and do some work instead.

Traveling almost always makes me happy. Whatever mood or creative rut I'm in traveling pulls me out of it. So far this trek to Cambodia has been an adventure. (Note this post. haha.) My flights were wonderful. I watched a lot of movies, at a lot of yummy korean food and had an empty seat next to me on both flights. Strangely I slept so much more soundly on those flights than my new york to san francisco flight the other day (and on that nyc to sf flight I had more leg room!) And I watched a whole slew of movies I'd been meaning to watch.

On my Korea to Singapore flight I sat next to a very chat Brit who kept telling me how awful Cambodia was. He kept telling me how there was nothing there except poverty. Even after telling him I've been to Cambodia and loved it, he persisted in telling me to cut my trip short. I enjoy traveling to learn about other countries. Although there are definitely places I have no interest in returning to (i.e. mainland china), Cambodia is not one of those places. It's the kind of place that brings you back down to earth. The kind of place that teaches you humility and gratitude and shows you a new way to view life. So that's what makes me and that Brit different. He was looking for luxury and a "show" and that's why Cambodia did not suffice. I am looking for the experience and understanding of culture.

I can't wait to get to Cambodia.

(the picture above is from my last trip to Cambodia in 2009)