cambodia | angkor wat

Holla. So I absolutely loved going to the temples and revisiting ones I'd visited before.  I went to Angkor Wat on my second full day in Cambodia.  I spent the day visiting temples and Angkor Wat was my last temple for the day.  I went sometime in the afternoon and was absolutely miserable.  The thing about Angkor Wat is that you have to walk this long pathway from the road to the temple.  It feels extremely long when the sun's out and there's no shade.  I want to say that at that time it was well over 100 degrees and very humid.  By the time I reached the temple I was so soaked in sweat that there wasn't an inch on me that wasn't sweating.  By then I ran out of water and I craved something to cool me down.  I rested for a bit and then began to explore.  Even after visiting the first time, it's still incredibly remarkable.  Angkor Wat reminds me a lot of European bathhouse ruins.  I'm not sure what the little in and outs of Angkor Wat were used for, but a lot of the spaces looked like they could have once been pools.

Like many of the other temples, Angkor Wat was much different than when I visited four years ago.  There's a lot of renovation going on which is both good and bad.  They've opened up access to climb the main tower in the center of the complex, but as a woman you can't wear shorts or a tank top and I was wearing both.  So I just sat happy in the shade watching people explore.  I sure wish I had brushed up on my Cambodian and Hindu architecture before this adventure.

I love exploring Cambodia.

(You can see pictures from my other trip here.  It's incredible how my editing's changed but my eye is still relatively the same. )