summer manifesto.

1178 muni
1178 muni

Taking a nod from Kelly and Ali. I decided to have my own little list of things I wanted to do this summer.

1. Explore the marina district. 
2. Visit the De Young Museum
3. Eat a lunch at the Ferry Building
4. Explore Sausalito
5. Ride my bike as much as I can. 
6. Get up to date with my project life album
7. Do the summer reading program at my local library. 
8. Take more pictures with my big camera or instax
9. Donate clothes. 
10. Organize my life and my closet and all the work supplies I have
11. Watch a movie outside somewhere
12. Wake up "early" 
13. Take care of my wrist and elbow and shoulders and back
14. Have a sushirito yummy. 
15. Love life more.


San Francisco, CA | Canon 5d markii 50mm