Happy Father's Day!

1179 father daughter2 So it's Father's Day.

It's kind of crazy to me how many kids my parents had. Even more so that my dad was our sole provider while my mom stayed at home with all of us as kids. Over the years he's shown me what kind of man to look for in a husband and even more how much I have to be thankful for.  I'm like him in so many ways and could not be where I am today without him or my mom.  I really do have great parents.  And over the years of my own ungratefulness and hormonal angst and negativity they've always loved me.

And I think they did a pretty good job raising me. :D

1179 father daughter

* The first picture is of me and my dad circa the late 1980s. One of my favorites of me and my dad. (please forgive the poor quality.  I don't have a digital copy of actual picture handy.) The second picture is my favorite father/daughter picture I've taken over the years. It's my brother and his first daughter at the hospital the day she was born.