I love a good list.

I list everything... as you can tell by this and this and this.  So when I see a fun list on someone's blog, I'm always a fan.  Today's list was prompted by Leigh's post.

My current faves are as follows... 

1. regular skittles with green apple instead of lime
2. m&ms. 
3. redbull
4. my "happy happy happy songs" playlist I made in march. (I label my playlists with dates so I remember when I liked songs. it makes me nostalgic.) 
5. google search. I'd like to know who made up the work "nostalgic"... (Greek & Homeric, evidently) 
6. dress shirts. Although, I'm always a fan. But I think they're extra snazzy with shorts. 
7. this summer reading program. Maybe it'll help me get to my 52-books-in-a-year goal. 
8. my workstation. I really love doing work on this desktop. 
9. the colors of my branding. so classy and fun. (just like me!) 
10. crafting. been really in the crafting/scrapbooking mood. Trying to use all the supplies I've bought and never used. 
11. prepping packages for my clients. I really love packages. And I'm going to bring awesome excitement to anyone who's ever wanted a brown-paper package. :D
12. "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell. I thought I didn't like fiction, but I'm on my second time reading this book. It just gets better. 
13. my instax mini camera. 
14. reading outside. 
15. fiction...surprisingly. 16. warm summer nights. 
17. hugs
18. the melt. A restaurant downtown that serves the most delicious grilled cheese. 
19. girl time with my relatives and friends 20. being home.

p.s. The picture above is the building Sam and I stayed at in Rome. I left the shutter open so that when I looked up from the courtyard I'd know which room was ours. I miss our Europe trip.


Rome, Italy. January 2013 | Canon 5d markii 45mm tse