rainy day weather.

In recent years Bay Area weather has been really erratic or unseasonable. Last year we hardly had any summer. It was a bummer. This year it looked like it'd be normal. Just kidding. We've been having really beautiful, warm weather recently, but then it rained. And it wasn't a summer rain. It was an overcast, it-looks-like-fall rain. When you're a Bay Area photographer and you "plan" for outdoor shoots, this unpredictable weather kind of puts you in a predicament. Yesterday was one of those days. It was ugly and overcast, and not the kind of weather for my happy little 5 year old client. I was already in Millbrae for my Redwood City client when she had to reschedule. I was carrying all my (heavy) gear and wanted to see if I could still make the most of the situation. I posted an instagram picture and facebook post that I wanted to photograph someone in the rain in the city. There were a lot of interested but it was about 9am on a weekday. So a lot of people were unavailable .


Then Nathalie contacted me. She'd actually been meaning to have some pictures taken of her.  Everything worked out perfectly.  I was so happy to meet up with Nathalie and her brother and make the most of that little hiccup in my plan.  It was so fun.

Here's just a single shot from her session yesterday. :D

1185 rainy phtoographs

p.s. It stopped raining by the time I met up with Nathalie, but she was so awesome, she ran her head under a faucet to give this "rainy" effect.