Napa Valley Engagement Session | Christine & BeeJae

Your love is steady and sure as a mountain's high
Moving my heart like a river that gently bends
Your love is sure

Your love is wide open spaces where I can run
And yet we're tangled up roots in the warm broken earth
Yeah our love is sure

"Ought to Be" - Audrey Assad

Christine & BeeJae | Napa Valley Engagement Session

Christine, BeeJae and I headed out to Napa for this fun engagement session.   I know Christine and BeeJae from college when we were all in our fraternity together.  (Oh yeah, I was in a fraternity... one started by former Boy Scouts. I had to learn the Boy Scouts Oath and hold out three fingers like the girl in Hunger Games. :) )  Anyway, back when in college when I met them, I wondered why they weren't dating.  I thought they were perfect for each other.  Unbeknownst to me, they had dated.  Woops.  Well as time passed, they got back together and now they're engaged!  Yay!!

BeeJae's a graphic designer and loved the color purple in college, so I expected two things from their session.... awesomeness and purple.  And they didn't disappoint.

So we roamed the different wineries in Napa taking pictures and having laughs.  Just thinking about their session and the time I got to spend with them makes me smile.  The thing I never realized about them was that Christine's last name, "Visita", is in BeeJae's last name, "Visitacion", which I think it's pure amazingness.  How meant to be are they?

I can't wait to photograph their wedding in November.  I'm sure there will be a lot more awesomeness and purple...  And of course a lot of laugh and even more love.  <3