The Vaughn Family

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing Katherine & Jordan and their adorable son, Will. We were originally planning on shooting at the Botanical Gardens, but last minute Katherine suggested we shoot at Samford University. For all the years that Lance has worked at Samford University, I've never shot on campus; I'm so glad I finally got to for Katherine, Jordan, and Will's shoot. It couldn't have been more perfect; Samford was covered in fall colors, the flowers were in full bloom, and the light was gorgeous. 

I had so much fun photographing the Vaughn family. Will was simply the most adorable little guy. He'd give the sweetest little expressions, including a why-is-strange-lady-pointing-a-camera-at-me face. I love seeing how families interact with each other, like the way Will's face lights up when Jordan talks to him or the way Will gives Katherine kisses. It's just sweet all around. 


Samford University, Birmingham, AL. November 18, 2016 | Canon 5d markii 50mm 1.2


Ali is one of my favorite people to photograph.  

I met Ali back at my very first Alt Summit.  I actually photographed her before I met her because she happened to be wearing an amazing necklace that I snapped a photo of in passing.  Flash forward and I've been photographing her outfits since then.   I absolutely love her style.  She has a way of mixing unexpected pieces.

I always love meeting up with her and exchanging book recommendations.  You should check out her blog, In Jackie's Shoes, where she writes about fashion and all kinds of fascinating things.  She's a thoughtful writer, and I always love hearing what she has to say. 


San Francisco, CA. September 3, 2015 | Canon 5dmarkii 50mm 1.2L

Alyson & Duncan

Last week was a good week... a real good week.

Lance & I have been real lucky to get to know Duncan while we've been at Samford.  He works in Residence Life with Lance and is a great guy.  When Lance told me Duncan was going to propose to his long time girlfriend, Alyson, I almost squealed. I love when people get engaged!  And even better, he wanted me to photograph it. 

So last Monday, I met Duncan at Vulcan Park, where he and Alyson had had their first date.  He parked in a parking lot far away and climbed a few fences and hills to get there, but he made it unscathed.  We waited anxiously for Alyson and her parents to arrive.  And just like that she was there and Duncan was on one knee proposing.  I couldn't hear anything Duncan or Alyson were saying (I was hiding and trying to be stealthy), but the expression on Alyson's face was just so heartwarming.

All day I was just beaming. It makes me so happy when couples reach new stages in their relationships.   Cheers to love!