Sutro Heights Park Engagement Session | Raenelle & Kris

The moment I met Raenelle I knew I wanted to be her friend.  She's one of those people who glows.  I can't explain it.  She just does.  She has such a warm, loving spirit.

When I met Kris I somehow just felt like I was with a big brother.  I loved photographing him and seeing how sweet he was to Rae and their two dogs.

And, if you had any doubts about how kind and friendly these two are, let this sink in... they had a 24 person bridal party.  Yes. Twenty-four people in their bridal party.  They just truly care about people, and I love that about them.

I had so much fun photographing their wedding (but more on that later).  For now, enjoy their engagement session with their two dogs (and Raenelle's awesome outfits) at one of my favorite San Francisco spots.

And, one last thing...

I can't ever truly express how blessed I am to have the clients I have. I value all the friendships I've gained from working with such wonderful people.  When my mother passed away many of those clients reached out to me, sending me encouraging words and condolences. Rae was one of those people, even going so far as to pray with me when we visited her & Kris' wedding venue.  You gotta love a friend like that.