thankful thursday 17

1322 cambodia thankful I can't even remember how long ago I started writing these "thankful thursday" posts.  I think I was going through a breakup, and a friend suggested I list the things I was thankful for to perk up my spirit.  Loving alliteration like I do, I decided to write the things I was thankful for on thursdays, only just realizing this week that my thankful thursdays perfectly align with the most thankful of thankful thursdays, Thanksgiving.  Nowadays I dread markers in time, reminders of my mother's absence and fearful glimpses of what the rest of my life could be like.  Like many days today I worry I'll spend the day crying, so on this thursday when I won't be eating my mom's delicious stuffing or hearing her tell me that yams taste better with marshmallows (they do) or waking up to the smell of thanksgiving cooking and leftovers, I'll probably need to especially focus on all the many things I do have to be thankful for.

Here it goes.  I am thankful for... ... my faith, because of which I have hope and comfort. ... my father, because I may have lost my mother, but I have been blessed with extra time with my dad. ... my family, because no matter how much they drive me crazy, deep down I know I can't live without them. ... love, because I love love, of course. ... death & loss, because I have a renewed perspective on life and the people who remain in my life ... change, because sometimes change actually is good. ... snail mail, because nothing brightens a day quite like brown-paper packages. ... my friends, because at my old age, I've been blessed with truly amazing and loving people in my life. ... turkey and food and redbull, because let's be real... I love thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your day be filled with love, memories and a renewed appreciation for life and family.