13 before 14

1323 castaway cay
1323 castaway cay

A list to finish off the year with.

  1. Finish any and all 2013 editing.
  2. Seek out peace.
  3. Find time to knit.
  4. Send a package.
  5. Make a stranger's day.
  6. Spend a day working on project life.
  7. Submit three projects to blogs.
  8. Bask in wonder at a Christmas tree.
  9. Frame my pictures of my mom.
  10. Read until my heart is full.
  11. Hug like it's my last.
  12. Get lost in order to find myself.
  13. Share God's love to those who are suffering.

Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the Bahamas | Fuji x100s.