the "perks" of not sleeping.

1338 sunrise1 A list about my strange sleep schedule… because I love lists. - Even though I stay up all night like a night owl, I actually enjoy going to sleep before midnight. - Mornings are my favorite. - I'm most productive between 8am and 1pm.  I could do more in those 5 hours than a whole night's worth of work. - Unfortunately, I'm usually sleeping around 8am to 1pm. - If I've stayed up all night to work and finish, sometimes I will keep myself up to see the sun rise. - The best thing about not sleeping is seeing the sun rise. - I can't wake up early enough to see the sun rise.  I love my sleep. - According to my fitbit I'm very restless when I sleep. - Lately, I haven't been sleeping.  I've been having two sets of 3-4 hour "naps" every day. - My sleep schedule may sound ridiculous to you.  It definitely is ridiculous to me. - Winter is my worst nightmare.  With only 8 hours of daylight and sleeping during the day, I actually only see a couple hours of light everyday. - My body is not happy with my sleep schedule. - Evidently, my sleep schedule kills. - Once in college, I only slept for 7 hours in a span of two weeks. - I used to black out from not sleeping. - Blacking out was kind of magical, though.  I'd black out and somehow manage to finish work while I was blacked out. - Yesterday (Monday) I went to bed at noon and woke up at 8pm. Now, I have been up since 8pm last night.

1338 sunrise2