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Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.- Larry Hazen

Charleston Photography

Even though it was pouring for most of the day, Jensine and I were determined to do some exploring.  We'd been cooped up working indoors all day, so I was itching to get some fresh air.  The weather didn't permit the most optimal conditions for exploration, but we made the most of afternoon in Mount Pleasant.

And so we explored! I got a bit acquainted with the closed Ravenel Bridge while learning what "low-country" was.  We weathered the chilly, windy weather.  We even went to the beach, Isle of Palms, where I imagined many lovers took romantic walks along the water on warmer days.

There's certainly always an upside to any situation. Here are some fun observations I made that day.... - Incorporating "y'all" into casual conversation is harder than I'd like. - Bridges close. Who knew?! - I feel very strange experiencing beaches wearing boots, a coat and scarf. - The beach life in Charleston is majorly romantic. The beach homes are beautiful and magnificent. - California drivers drive faster than most places I visit. - The locals really love the slow pace. So this is country living. I love it. - Cockroaches are very scary. - Kindness always wins.

Charleston Photography Charleston Photography Charleston Photography

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