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Butcher & Bee A while back I came across a Charleston guide from Lingered Upon.  Alice wrote about Butcher & Bee and because of its industrial/woodsy interior and deliciously looking sandwiches, I made a mental note and facebooked Jensine to let her know I'd want to eat there on my visit.  Butcher & Bee was a short walk from downtown, and even though I arrived at noon, it was fairly empty.

Their menu changes every day, but you can follow their facebook page or twitter to see what's on the menu for that day.  I ordered the Pork Belly Sandwich and the Curried Brussels.  Oh amazing goodness.  That sandwich was so flavorful and all kinds of great texture.  Oh and I had a very spicy ginger ale.  I love ginger ale.

While I was eating (alone), a lil ole lady struck up a conversation with me.  She was everything I thought an older southern woman would look like.... classy, vibrant and incredibly warm.  When her husband show up he was wearing the most adorable sweater with two puppies on it.  He had a distinguished air about him but he was goofy and adorable.  They talked about themselves, and I talked about myself.  They even invited me to stay with them the next time I visit Charleston.  I enjoyed my lunch as they told me stories about their lives as Charleston locals.  They were so sweet.  They even shared their hummus plate with me because it was "too delicious not to share" and it was indeed quite delicious.

I'd definitely come back to try all their eats.  But their food is really filling.  I could only finish half the sandwich and didn't even make a dent in the brussel sprouts.  So go hungry, it'll be worth it.

Butcher & Bee

Pork Belly with hoisin, cabbage slaw, peanuts and mayo. Butcher & Bee

 Curried Brussels with fried leaves and herbs. Butcher & Bee

The older couple's meal.   Butcher & Bee Butcher & Bee Butcher & Bee Butcher & Bee

Butcher & Bee 654 King Street Charleston, SC

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