Work + Play with Life in Sketch.

1352 workspace wednesday1 I met Tina and her business partner, Sarah, in January at Alt Summit. I'm not sure how we met, but I definitely enjoyed getting to know them. Together they run their interior design company Franklin Eighth in New York. When Tina asked me if I'd be interested in sharing my space on her blog, Life in Sketch, I immediately said, "Yes!!!" She started a series called "Work + Play" that explores the work/home life of creatives and entrepreneurs.  I'm so excited I love seeing people's workspaces! When she emailed what she'd need from me, I thought... "Awesome! I just need to take some pictures and answer some questions." But as I went through collecting the information I realized I'm really boring.

At the time I was still settling into my room. I moved a couple months back but hadn't unpacked anything and certainly didn't decorate. All I set up was my computer and pretty much nothing else. Boring. But I did have a general idea of what I wanted the finished space to look like; my furniture and computer were in place, but I needed to organize and decorate everything. In order to properly photograph my workspace and answer Tina's questions, I made list of action items. First I unpacked and cleaned. Then I took out all my prints and pictures that had been in hiding and hung them on my wall. The process of arranging pictures and prints on my wall probably took the longest. I knew that I wanted to showcase my personal pictures and art from other places. I tried a bunch of different combinations including non-traditional artwork, but eventually ended up with a very structured gallery wall with just prints and personal photographs. After that everything fell into place. Next to my bureau I already had a stack of books and blankets where I read, so I just utilized a wine crate my former boss gave me. So that's the story of my space.

I do love everything about my space. It's a little sparse (and still a little boring) but it's very me. Check out my post on Tina's series Work + Play series to learn more about my life as an entrepreneur and the "secret headquarters of magical thinking" (see instagram)!

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Prints on my wall (from L to R) Van Gough quote . Chelsea Petaja Ocean image . Amy Martin Bright & Confidence print . unknown Restaurant interior image . Em the Gem Albert Camus quote . Chelsea Petaja Bird image . Max Wanger Printshop Paris map . unknown street artist Seize the Day quote . Kal Barteski Coffe mug image . me B&W image . Abi Q Jeremiah 29:11 quote . Kal Barteski