slo | montana de oro

I will always love San Luis Obispo. Of all the years I lived in SLO while attending Cal Poly, I never tired of its charm.  For a small, coastal town it was pretty amazing.  The SLO area has everything from ocean to forests to dunes, everything an outdoorsman could love.  I loved kayaking and hiking and rock climbing while I was going to school.  Even the food was amazing.  I'd want to drive the 3 hours down just for some of that food.  For three years I lived downtown in cute cottages and enjoyed the quiet lure of the town.

When I went down to shoot Naomi & Nate's wedding, I wanted to show Isabell, my second shooter, Montana de Oro.  The place I showed my family when they came to visit for my graduation.  The place I wrote my thesis.  The place my design class played dodge ball against another class.  I love it for its hidden location, for its quietness, for its beauty.

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