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Oh how I love a good coffee shop. Anyone who knows me or might follow me on instagram knows I'm obsessed.  When I visited SLO last weekend, I was so excited to stumble upon this little gem.  Scout Coffee Co. opened up early this year on Garden Street, just down the blog from my favorite SLO coffee shop, Linnaea's Cafe.  I wish I was still going to Poly because I'd definitely spend most of my study sessions here at this gorgeous coffee shop.  My inner architect fell in love with the clean lines and bright open space.  And that kitchen sink and counter combo?! I die.  Scout is designed like the home I wish I had. I can't tell you much about their coffee as I don't drink coffee, but their strawberry rhubarb soda was perfect for the warm SLO day.

And because I loved Scout (and their logo!) so much, I snagged myself one of their coffee mugs, (which I'll use to drink tea. sorry.)

Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA Scout Coffee Company | San Luis Obispo, CA

Scout Coffee Co. 1130 Garden Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 websiteblog

slo | montana de oro

I will always love San Luis Obispo. Of all the years I lived in SLO while attending Cal Poly, I never tired of its charm.  For a small, coastal town it was pretty amazing.  The SLO area has everything from ocean to forests to dunes, everything an outdoorsman could love.  I loved kayaking and hiking and rock climbing while I was going to school.  Even the food was amazing.  I'd want to drive the 3 hours down just for some of that food.  For three years I lived downtown in cute cottages and enjoyed the quiet lure of the town.

When I went down to shoot Naomi & Nate's wedding, I wanted to show Isabell, my second shooter, Montana de Oro.  The place I showed my family when they came to visit for my graduation.  The place I wrote my thesis.  The place my design class played dodge ball against another class.  I love it for its hidden location, for its quietness, for its beauty.

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The Fog.


It was eerily unfamiliar; I felt like I was in a horror film.

I have many fond memories of San Luis Obispo (SLO), the town where I went to college.  I remember all the beach days and exploring and hikes outdoors.  SLO will always hold a special spot in my heart.  I hadn't been back since 2009 when my friend got married, and even then I didn't have the opportunity to go around town to see how it's change.  A couple weekends ago I was so excited to visit again.  The only thing though was that it was nothing like I had remembered.  My sweet, small town was now somehow like a city.  It lost the same charm I loved back in college when I lived in a little summer-like cottage.  I returned to the beaches like this, filled with fog, so unfamiliar to me.  I don't even remember if these pictures were actually taken at avila beach.  I actually have no idea.  I'm sad to say that my SLO is nothing like the town it is today.  sigh.

It's strange how memories can keep you tied to the past that you can't even recognize them when you have them in the present.  I think relationships are like that.  Our memories of those past relationships are so warped and old and positive that when we are reunited with exes the person we're reacquainting with the person we once knew are two completely different people.  It's strange what memories do to you.

I used to always dream of moving back to SLO when I had a family.  Now, I'm not sure I'd want to live in that place others call San Luis Obispo.

Love: Grace and Chris Engaged!

I met Grace and Chris back in college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, when I pledged Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed community service fraternity.  (Yes... even in college I remained a nerd.)  By the time I joined the fraternity, they had been dating for a year or so.  Now we're all grown up, and after many years of dating, Grace and Chris are ready for the next chapter in their life. To this day, Grace is the only one who can perfectly describe my type of man: burly.  She's sassy and full of grace (of course!) and knows more about cars than any girl I know--maybe any boy, too.  She majored in graphic communications while Chris majored in political science.  Despite the obvious contradiction of politics and the arts, Grace and Chris mesh perfectly with each other.

We shot their session at three different locations, but my favorite was Fort Funston.  Grace and Chris would go there often; it's a great place to bring a dog, enjoy the view and watch hang gliders.  I loved shooting their engagement session and witnessing their goofiness and shared giggles.