1394 bernal heights park1 Whoa.  It's been a month since I blogged and ages since I've blogged regularly.  I have so much to blog about now! I'm not saying I'm going to suddenly get gung-ho again about blogging and blog everyday.  Let's just be real. I haven't been so bloggy-reliable lately, but I certainly do miss it.

September and October have been insanely CRAZY.  Maybe my life is always crazy, but sept/oct were especially crazy for me.  Let's have a little fun recap because I love lists so much.

- I got engaged! - We found a venue (after many bridezilla moments. woops!) - I flew to New York. - Shot a two-day wedding and portraits every day. - Flew back to California and two days later shot Suzanne & Eugene's fabulous wedding. - Edited. Edited. Edited. - Shot Joanna & Will's sweet, sweet wedding. - Took a red-eye that night to Birmingham for a week. - Flew back to California… with a delayed flight and even more delayed luggage. - Flew to Hawaii the next day. (yikes!) - Walked around barefoot for practically all ten days of the trip. - Return to California to shoot a wedding two days later. - Road trip to Yosemite the day after for a very relaxing trip. - Get home. rest. tackle jetlag. - Photo shoot two days later. - blog. woot.


I have so much to share and so much to say about what a wonderful experience these months have been.  Hopefully I'll be doing more than just listing.  But I'm glad to finally be home for a while.  Now for editing, wedding planning and packing.  My next big trip will be my move to Alabama as a wife! WHOA.


Bernal Heights Park when Lance proposed and where he first told me he loved me a year ago.  August 30, 2014 | Fuji x100s