thankful thursday 19

Sutro Baths Engagement Photographer | Joanna & Will I am thankful for…

Friends. I just came back from a trip to Yosemite with my college friends and was reminded of how great it is to be surrounded by friends.  I'm rarely in a group of friends hanging out and spending time together.  Usually I'm spending one on one time with my friends, and even that is sparse.  So to be with a group of great people for an entire weekend was pretty marvelous… And just a little fun fact, most of them were introverts so we all allowed each other some alone/recharging time. win!

California weather. Oh man. It felt like 80 degrees the other day, and it's almost November! I've been to three states in the past two months and California really is by far, hands down the best! You just can't beat this warm, dry, brisk weather.  uggggg. I'll miss this when I move!

Inspiring books. Oh wow. I've been reading some good books and listening to some awesome podcasts recently.  All of which have been a good kick-in-the-pants to get some work done and start some awesome projects.

My family.  So above all else, I'll miss my family when I move.  I'll miss the hang outs and the crazy family gatherings and all the family gossip.  It's really been great to see my family pull together for weddings and parties and holidays.  I hope the babies don't forget me!

Heavy blankets. Heavy blankets are like a getting a great hug/snuggle while I sleep.  It's felt so good to be in my own bed, sleeping alone in my room.

Work. I'm glad I have work!

Water. I was sooooooo dehydrated over the past couple of weeks.  I take for granted that East Bay faucet water is soooo delicious. When I'm at home I drink about 2 or 3 liters a day.  When I was traveling I really didn't drink any water.

Lance. Oh man. I love this guy.  He brings out the best of me, and because of him I've seriously become so much of a better, kinder person.  He encourages me in my strengths and supports me in overcoming my weakness. My favorite person.


Sutro Baths | Canon 5d markii, 16-35mm