1400 precita park cafe1 This is the cute little brunch, coffee shop spot Lance took me to the day he proposed. I just love it so much.  It's bright and cheery and has lots of personality.  The food was really tasty.  Lance and I both got breakfast sandwiches and pear juice.

I'm so happy to have these pictures.  I remember how I felt so happy to be with Lance not knowing the ring was in his pocket or that later that day he'd be proposing.  He'd been so thoughtful in choosing a brunch place that he knew I'd love.  He really knows me so well.  I love him for that.  He remembers what I like and takes note of it for future gifts and surprises.  He's just so sweet like that.


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Precita Park Cafe 500 Precita Ave San Francisco, CA 94110


San Francisco. August 30, 2014 | Fuji x100s