14 before 15

Kailua Lifestyle Photographer So I'm getting married in less than 50 days. Yikes! And the kind of crazy thing is I'm also going to move across the country soon after the wedding.

For the past two years I've been making lists to finish off the years with (2012 & 2013).  With this big change coming in the new year, I thought this year's list deserved some extra oomph. (Btw.. I had no idea oomph was a real word. #mindblown) Anyway, this list is kind of my California, single-life bucket list.  Anyone want to help me tackle awesome?!

My 14 things to do before 2015.

1. Visit all my Boba places - Purple Cow - Boba Guys - Sweet Booth - Tea Era - Plentea

2. Visit my fave coffee shops and try the new ones. - The Mill SF - Zocalo - Coffee Scout - Bright Coffee - Sextant Coffee Roasters - Pinhole Coffee - Ritual Coffee Roasters (Valencia & Hill) - Saint Frank Coffee - Craftsman & Wolves - Beacon Coffee & Pantry - Front Cafe

3. Hike Lands End and have brunch at the Cliff House.

4. Pack! - PURGE! - Put everything in boxes. - Figure out a "Capsule Wardrobe" - do the "Throw Out 100 Things Challenge" - Sell stuff on eBay - Donate more stuff!

5. Marry my best friend.

6. Take lots of pictures of family members and friends.

7. Explore Big Sur.

8. Go exploring and eating. - The Stable Cafe - The General Store - Duende - Unami - Mission Cheese - In 'n Out - sushi - Korean food! - dim sum. - shabu shabu - Snowflake shaved ice!!

9. Read three books.

10. Finish all my many wedding craft projects. - escort cards - favors - scrapbook guestbook - prisms, himelis and diamonds, oh my! - decorations! - programs!

11. Spend time with my dear friends.

12. Knit something. Or at least, start to knit something awesome!

13. Celebrate my last days as a Tsang!

14. Watch a movie in a theater. Because I love watching movies in theaters.



Kailua. Oahu, Hawaii. October 2014 | Fuji x100s